Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish according to your own interests, learning pace, personality and ambitions.

Learn with a more communicative approach. Grammar is important, but speaking is even more important!

Learn with a native teacher wherever you are! You can have these lessons over Zoom from the comfort of your house, in your time off work or while travelling.

No more boring textbooks to learn! You will learn with pictures, slides, interactive games, flashcards and videos.

Spanish Speaking Interaction

Want to practice Spanish in a very natural way and speak as a native speaker?

You consider you know a lot but you need some help to speak more naturally?

Spanish for Entrepreneurs

This course is special for people who want to start a business in a Spanish speaking country or go networking in order to find new clients, partners or employees. You’ll learn grammar, special vocabulary and expressions in this field.

Spanish for Digital Nomads

For those people who love learning online as they are living every month in a different country.

If you are a beginner, I can introduce you to your next country’s language and culture, which will be of course a Spanish country!

If you are an intermediate or advanced student, you will get confidence with conversation and will learn more expressions and useful vocabulary.

Spanish for Backpackers

Special for those adventurers who want to travel around Latin America. You’ll learn daily conversations, quick grammar and vocabulary to speak with natives. Also, I can teach you special jargon and informal expressions.

Spanish for Tourists

This is perfect for those people who love visiting a new country for a couple of weeks. You’ll learn important conversation: how to order food, communicate with the hotel or buy some clothes. Special for real beginners!

Spanish for Couples

Have you felt in love with a Latin American girl or boy? Are you trying to communicate with this person, their family and friends but it’s hard to understand or talk to them because you’ve never learnt Spanish before? You speak good Spanish but you can’t get the confidence to speak with them?

Then here you found your solution! Special from beginner to advanced students!

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What My Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my students do the talking!

“Mariel is a wonderful language instructor. She opened my mind and awareness to romance language through her Spanish teaching. After only 3 months my listening, reading and writing abilities surpassed what I thought I was capable of in such a short time. Her attention to detail, especially pronunciation, made all the difference in my understanding of the Spanish language. I specifically hired her to learn Castellano and she exceeded my expectations in all areas including cultural background of Latin American countries, common sayings in Argentina, and also unique deliverance of my weekly lessons. Mariel quickly discovered my personal learning style and adapted to my needs to ensure my success. I will continue to work with Mariel until I am speaking fluent Castellano and would love to hire her to learn other languages as well.”
Sam Bonanno

Chef Consultant, Boston, U.S.A.

“Mariel was recommended to us (three Canadians sharing an apartment) by the rental property manager in Buenos Aires. It was fortunate for us! Our abilities ranged from “beginning beginner” to intermediate. Mariel was able to tailor our two hour lessons to our different needs. She also modified her approach based on our daily experiences. She used a variety of techniques to introduce and reinforce. We were never embarrassed but were definitely called on to respond. She also left resources for us to use between classes and introduced on-line resources as well. Her fee was reasonable and her schedule flexible when needed. We would definitely work with her again.”
Ken Haycock

Research Professor of Management and Organization, University of Southern California, Ottawa, Canada

“I’ve been learning with Mariel and she is great! She is very patient and quickly picked up on my level, challenging me where growth is needed and reinforcing grammar that does not come naturally to native English speakers”
Adam Bloemink

Creative Director, Lucrative Studios, Canada

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