Translation & Proofreading

Do you want to reach your Spanish speaking audience with accurate and natural translations? Not only do I translate the words and expressions, but I also translate the English and Portuguese world view into a Latin American Spanish one. I work with a team of professionals (architects, engineers, ecologists, psychologists, economists) who will ensure the highest quality of your documents.

Specialty Fields

– Literature: Travel Writing, Fiction, Spirituality, School Textbooks, Journalism

– Movies: Films, Series, Soap operas, Short films, Documentaries

– Ecology: Green building, Climate change, Waste management, Agroecology, Social ecology, Nature Conservation, Pollution, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Transport

– Economy: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics

– Technical Manuals and Instructions: Aeronautics, Automotive, Motorcycles, Electronics

– Tourism


Trip Interpretation

I offer Spanish interpreting services in Buenos Aires to English and Portuguese speakers who need to communicate with locals.

I want to help clients feel free and enjoy their stay in Buenos Aires by keeping language and cultural differences from becoming communicational barriers. I am especially focused on interpreting services, but I have touristic and historical knowledge as well. Ask about more specific interpretation services, only consecutive interpreting.

If you have a meeting, want to walk around the city or go shopping but do not speak Spanish, you have found what you are looking for. I will follow you wherever you need to go and help you communicate with the locals.


Spanish/English Lessons Online

You can learn English or Spanish with a certified teacher from your house or office.


Beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Intensive or regular programs for tourism, business or just fun.

Entertaining lessons with listening, speaking, writing and reading materials.  

Exclusive speaking lessons for intermediate/advanced students

Ask for your first 30-minute free trial!

Customized sessions.